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Tryon Riding & Hunt Club Hound Show

JUNE 13, 2020 - The Tryon Riding & Hunt Club held its first Fox Hound Show since 1987 on Saturday at FENCE.

Five fox hound clubs participated including Green Creek, Tot Goodwin, Tennessee Valley, Cedar Knob, and Moore County plus Sugarsand Beagles. Over 40 hounds were shown in unentered and entered dogs and bitches with gender champions and a Grand Champion pinned. The Show Grand Champion was Angus, a male foxhound from Moore County and the Reserve Champion was Friendly, a bitch hound from Goodwin Hounds.

Show Organizer Katherine Gunter, most recently Huntsman for Aiken Hounds was thrilled with the event, saying \"All of the exhibitors were so happy with both the venue and operation of the show and several commented that next year will bring even more clubs.\" Club President Terry Lynch said \"It was extremely gratifying to bring a long missing tradition in fox hunting back to the area. We\'re almost certain there hasn\'t been a hound show in Tryon for 33 years!\"

As part of the show celebration, Gerald Pack and Tot Goodwin judged whip cracking and horn blowing contests with the former won by Katherine Gunter and the latter won by Lincoln Sadler. Look for this to become a new TRHC annual event happening in April of each year.

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