Tryon Riding & Hunt Club...

... contributes to our local small-town economies.

... engages members of all ages through the love of horses.

... provides a community for families and friends to gather.

... gives back to the community.

... preserves and honors a horse-loving past.

…appreciates volunteers, our life-blood

The Tryon Riding & Hunt Club celebrates and supports the equestrian traditions that have benefited Tryon and western North Carolina for more than 95 years. Not only do these activities honor this magnificent creature, the horse, they are just plain fun. Incorporated in 1960 as a nonprofit organization, today’s Tryon Riding & Hunt Club encourages, supports, and promotes all types of horse activities that enhance Tryon’s equestrian tradition. We invite everyone to join in supporting Tryon as a major center for horses and equestrians.  Please visit our membership page.


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2021 Steeplechase Date Rescheduled - See the Event Page

Our Commitment to Philanthropy

The Tryon Riding and Hunt Club is committed to supporting the local community and has been since its inception. Carter Brown founded the organization with an understanding that a symbiotic relationship between our events and our community was critical to our success. This belief is at the heart of all of our events and is demonstrated through our support of local charities and organizations.


The image here is of the original painting done by Joan McIntyre for the 73rd Block House Steeplechase. It will be auctioned at the next running of the Races and proceeds used by the Club to benefit the community.