Heritage Families

Heritage Families of The Tryon Riding & Hunt Club


Beginning in 2016, families who have long been the lifeblood of the Tryon Riding & Club mainly through their support of the Block House Steeplechase were designated “Heritage Families.”

These are TR&HC members who have deep roots in this part of North Carolina and care deeply about the Club and its traditions. Some are families with well-known local names, who have been here for generations and who have assisted the club repeatedly with their time and their finances. Many come from surrounding cities such as Spartanburg, Greenville, Asheville, and Charlotte.

Support from the TR&HC’s Heritage Families over the years has allowed the club to accomplish its many activities to keep Tryon a home to horses and equestrians, and the club is grateful to them for that.  To honor them, the Club has been issuing a “fancy” ribbon each year and gathering them at the Steeplechase for a group picture.

As Heritage Families, these members also enjoy certain privileges: They have first dibs on parking spaces at the annual Block House Steeplechase and are recognized at the club’s Annual Meeting as strong supporters of TR&HC.

TR&HC is grateful for the opportunity to honor these outstanding members.