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We welcome new members who enjoy celebrating the rich history of our area and giving back to our great community.

The Tryon Riding and Hunt Club seeks to enhance and preserve the traditions of the Tryon area by sponsoring and conducting equestrian, philanthropic and social programs that benefit and unify the community. Its members include, but are not limited to, those with an interest in horse-related activities and sport. TR&HC welcomes any and all new members who have an interest in and love for life in an equestrian community.

Membership dues help pay for horse show functions, philanthropy endeavors,  administrative costs (which are minimal), property upkeep and social functions.

Don’t forget, we offer corporate benefits! Join us as a corporate member and reach more people with our Horse Country Quarterly magazine.


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Why Join?

  • Free or discounted fees to many equestrian events including cross-country schooling days and Morris the Horse Trials
  • Priority consideration for scholarship awards
  • Discounted admittance to the Show Hunter Hall of Fame awards
  • Social events such as the Carter Brown BBQ and pre-race Steeplechase gala
  • Priority parking at the Steeplechase
  • Horse Country Quarterly publication

Advertising and Sponsorship

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Amounts $50 and over are eligible as tax deductible donations.
Join or renew your Membership, or make a separate tax-deductible donation to support the efforts of Tryon Riding & Hunt Club.