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TR&HC Block House Steeplechase

Tryon Block House Steeplechase


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Dear TRHC Member and Steeplechase Ticket Purchaser,

By now, most of you should have seen the announcement, released earlier this morning, that the National Steeplechase Association (NSA) and the Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC) have decided to postpone and reschedule the Tryon Block House Steeplechase Races until October 5, 2019.

The primary reason for the reschedule was safety considerations for horses and riders related to the condition of the track.  Please see the attached national NSA/TIEC press release for details.

Due primarily to track hardness issues from last year's running, TIEC over the winter took steps to recondition the track by tilling 2900 tons of sand into the track and completely re-seeding it.  Due to the heavy rains this winter and lack of sunshine, the grass has sprouted but has not grown and matured enough yet to safely support racing in April.  The decision to delay was ultimately TIEC's as the Race Organizer but was heavily influenced by the NSA out of concerns by the owners and jockeys for the horses. In today's horse welfare climate, the risk of injuries to horses and riders was judged to be too high to hold the races.  None of us would want a race horse injured due to less-than-ideal track conditions.

Tryon Riding & Hunt Club is deeply sorry for the obvious inconveniences to everyone over this and the obvious break in Tradition.  To our knowledge, the Block House Races have never been cancelled and TIEC has assured us that the complete Block Races will be run this October.  (The 2020 Block House Races will return on April 11 next year.)

As the release states, all tickets for parking slots, tent slots, and VIP tent and parking tickets have been automatically transferred to the October 5 date in the exact same locations.  As a courtesy, you may transfer your tickets to the April 11, 2020 date.  This would give you an early opportunity to lock in spots for next Spring and avoid any future price increase.  You may do this by contacting tickets@tryon.com directly or contacting our office.  Other 2020 tickets will not be sold until at least November of this year.  Tickets for October 5 however will continue to be sold until the date of the race.  One strategy you might want to consider is to move your current tickets to 2020 at 2019 prices and then purchase the exact same location in October this year at current ticket prices again.  You would get both Races then at 2019 prices.

A detailed Q&A fact sheet is also attached which should help with many of your questions.  

If you still have concerns or issues regarding the transfer of tickets, please contact our office at 828-863-0480 or office@trhc1925.org.  Office hours are Noon to 4pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Pam or Kasey will be happy to discuss your situation with you.  

One thing I do believe is that TIEC's commitment to continuing the Steeplechase races is solid and evidenced by their investment in the turf of the track over the winter, their intent to install irrigation over the entire course this Spring, and their stated desire ongoing to run two steeplechase events every year.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience over this situation but it certainly is the right thing to do for the ultimate safety of horses and riders.

Terry Lynch
President, TRHC

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Press Release


2019 Block House Steeplechase Q & A

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